Where am I now?

Changed a lot is the answer. Been pouring my sweat to a company that doesnt deserve any. What can I do but count the days and months that are left. At the moment I got about 8 months until I leave Qatar. The more closer I get to that date, the more I feel happy. Don't worry about me, I will get through. 
At the moment the only short comings are a good Internet Connection and my Salary. At the moment the company owes me 3 months of pending salary. And the Good for nothing QTEL is yet to provide me with a Connection. I have been waiting for nearly one month and they still MIA (Missing In Action). I will try to post more as I can, unfortunatly the slave driver company that i am in is Driving me nuts. Each day I got to format systems for Windows XP or Vista. Its really tiring, doing the same thing over and over again. And most of these Guys who own very expensive laptops and computers only purchase them for show and not for any human benefit. Its really sad the situation in Qatar. Some People here call themselves "Hackers" but do not know the basic formatting procedures for XP or Vista. Its so ironic. Anyway counting my days. And hoping that i can get a early break sooner or later.