A Notepad & A Pen

Why do I need a notepad and a pen to write something when I could be using a Keyboard to digitally save it? Well the pen existed long before the computer or even the typewriter. How do you suppose the best novels were written early??? All on paper with a pen. And then slow people started to move towards using the keyboard instead on using the pen on a notepad. It seems that technology is causing people to slowly lose interest in a dieing practice.

I thought that I should purchase a really good Laptop so I could type something up when I am outside. Well I didn't buy one. and why? cause its was expensive and also there were cheaper alternatives and thus I ended up with a notepad & a pen. Why not? You should try it. It gives a lot of space for you to think. Also another advantage of it is that when you are writing an article and want it on your pc then you have to type it in thus you might be doing too much work there but in fact that is helping you read what you are writing thereby eliminating mistakes, and adding more ideas. Like this post that I am posting. I read post about having problems getting ideas. Then I realizes that there is a exponentially large number of ideas popping up into my head when I am with a pen and a paper than with a PC.

Presently I am working as a Network Administrator in an Software Developing Company. My working area is only an small table and the room is at sub-zero temperatures. Seriously it so cold, my finger tips feel numb and all the blood going to my brain is feeling chilled. I can't work very well in that condition. So I knock off the Air Conditioner and hide the remote ( :-) ).

Those who have really tried it will always follow it, Even myself my previos post and this one are all written on paper before they ever made it to bits and byte. So try it and comment back. As Always Take Care.

Care to comment?

Why should I comment? Obvious question that pops up in anyone's mind. But the real question is why don't I comment? If you comment it wouldn't make you look like the odd one. Commenting is simply the way of saying something about some article or post.

What to comment about? Be constructive and never say anything that could cause someone to be discouraged. They always say (well, not always but) "The pen is mightier than the sword". Just a thought how powerful this quote is...A post published on a popular blog cause that caused Apple's stock value to drop thus causing the company to lose nearly 4 billion USD (Ouch, Thats alot). Even somethings said in a chat room has caused one to risk their own lives (e.g. Suicide).

If the post doesn't interest you speak you mind so that the blogger knows that he made some mistakes, or else if you choose not to comment at all please don't be a heart-breaker by commenting something destructive cause you are simply wasting your time, your energy and some of your brain cells by being a moron. If the post is that bad, then simply say that "Sry man but try to improve in your post".

Some blogger like to blow off steam by writing posts, and freeing up some tension, stress or anxiety. Commenting correctly might help them releive streaa and some bottled up emotional feelings. Commenting helps blogger know that they are not alone. I have seen some blogs going unnoticed, like alone old man writing his life story on a diary. Seriously thats sad.

I was never a picture perfect social blogger. I am an amateur blogger and am not and might never be as good as JohnChow or proBlogger but I am trying. When I needed something I would Google it on the web and then if I find the nessacary article I simple read it and simply click that crossed button on the top right corner on that windows. Yes thats right I used to be a leechy Blogger and I never socialized with other blogs. I thought that it could make my self look like the odd guy. So I never commented until sometime later when I realized how lonely I was in the blogosphere. I had to comment and make people realized that there is a intelligent guy here. So I started commenting.

So What are the benefits on constructive commenting? 1. Helps the blogger who you commented for, to improve his blog, boost his self-esteem. 2. Its help ful for other visiters to know that this is a important place to visit like a popular land mark. 3. Its starts off a virtual underestanding between you and the blogger. Of course you are recognized by you nickname. and 4. It also leaves an exchange of traffic. You leave a comment I leave a comment at your blog.

Also don't spam. Only Idiots spam. All blogs give you the ability to leave alink. See Example:

Blogger Beta
PS : Click the images to enlarge them

I know that there has been a buzz about that fact the latest versions of Wordpress and Blogger Beta has implemented 'nofollow' as a way to fight comment spam. But what they have done is deprived the blogging world of link love and thus some visiters simply don't leave a comment cause there is no benefit to them.

Nevermind even if nofollow is the reason why you stopped commenting then that shouldn't be. If the post is good it always deserves a good comment. If you don't leave a comment that decision will lay heavy on you soul.

So there fore comment as much as you can and be constructive in what you comment. or you don;t have anything to comment the please i suggest that you leave the keyboard. :)

PS: Please forgive me if anyone got hurt by what I wrote. I simply need to pass on this message and never meant to hurt anyone.

Second Thoughts...

Err.. Ok i need to admit something I thought that SharpDevelop would have been a good replacement to Visual C# 2005 but I was wrong. SharpDevelop has some slight issues. E.g. I wanted a message box to pop up and say "Hello World", sounds very easy but I did everything correctly but ended up with an error. On further investigation it seems that I needed to download the ~300MB .NET Framework SDK to give SharpDevelop some full functionality. Even so after downloading the Framework and running my test program it still gave an error. This time it gives a very different sort of error. After looking into the matter even further it seems that I need to add one line close to the begining:
using System;
using MsgBox = System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox;

Then I added
MsgBox.Show ("Hello World!!!");

under the button click procedure. And then it started working. It seems that If I want to learn something better use something that gives you less problems, there is a saying "You can't do tight rope on an old rope". So I think I will be going with Visual Studio .NET 2005 (I could use VS.NET 2008 but its still in beta and I don't have any idea as to its minimum requirement to run). Ok then I will start using VS.NET 2005 and let you know how things are doing on my end. See ya.


SharpDevelop, well what is it? As most of your would know Its a open-source IDE for C#,NET, VB.NET, etc. So anyone who wants to develop a small program and easily can try there hands on this program. The requirements are simple. You need to have .NET Framework 2 :( runtime or SDK which ever is easy to your then run the 8MB setup and install the IDE. Please note if you are thinking of using this in a production site then be prepared to face certain unforeseen (well actually known) consequences.

SharpDevelop is fairly easy to use. If you have used MS Visual Studio 2003 or 2005, then you will immediately notice the similarities. The neat thing about SharpDevelop is that there is very less to install but still you get a lot of good and similiar feature to that of MS Studio 2005. Anyway SharpDevelop is best to be used if you wanted to make some tools and some same database applications.

Just don't get too comfortable with it, cause there are some know issues with using it. Check out the link below:

Comparison between Visual studio Express vs Sharpdevelop.

Well after going through the list, its still doesn't seem that bad. But still a word of caution - just don't go to take a

project and end-up trying to develop an application using this. Maybe ok for free time but never think of using this on

production area. So Lets see what I can comeup with to create. I need some really good ideas. ;-)


What is your choice? Really this isn't a joke but a serious question and demands a serious answer. I have always been wondering that since the time I started understanding about the world. I made many choices in life that lead me here today. A chance of choosing the perfect choices in life is very hard to come by these days.

Make a mistake you could loose a good contract, a job, a life, lives or etc, etc. Fate also plays here. No matter how hard we try to choice the best choices we might sometimes fail, That's fate. A Doctor making such a mistake would cause his or her reputation to be tarnished.

I am trying to choice a good programming language to do some of my work with. Some say to go with VB6 and some with C# and some with C++ and yet some Delphi.

I noticed that in some blogs there were polls place on them to find out what programming language you would use to develop applications with. Funny thing is that I noticed that Java got the first place. Well I got o hand it to you Java is popular. Your Nokia Phone is compatible with it. Many other mobile devices are. Also the Mobile Platform 'Android' is also loving it.

But still very vast area to cover for a beginner like me. So I think I need to start with some thing uses less of a vocabulary. Finally I think I need to use something Like either VB6 or VB.NET or C#.NET. I really hate installing .NET Framework, let it be 1.1, 2 or 3 (I much prefer 2), It increase the prerequisite of any application I am about to develop. But .NET Languages are more easier to manage than VB6 or VC++. So I think I will stick with something like C#.NET or VB.NET.

So I need to experiment with a few things. Should I use the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005(or 2008) or SharpDevelop? I will try SharpDevelop and let you know. Until my next post, Take Care.

PS: If anything comes up I will let you know.

The Path of Glory

Path of Glory,

What is Glory? The feeling of victory that you have archived something very exceptional in life. Thats what glory is. What have I accomplished so far in life, well absolutely zero. but I still keep trying and trying until I do something worth being recognized for.

So what is that got to do with this web log. Well I want to become a Good Network Administrator, A good programmer and a good citizen in Sri Lanka (or in this world).

So I will be posting what I have come across and all my experiences here. And hope that my success and mistakes will help others like me who want to achieve a path of glory.