My Resolution for Year 2008

{ Photo : kudzuplanet - Winter Tree }
New Year, New Faces, New Experiences... A New Year should be a start of change, hopefully for the best. I have wanted to make many changes in the pattern of my life. I previously felt that I am doing the same thing over and over again. I am not sticking to a plan. I really don't know what my problem is? Is my soul / body hiding some sort of sickness from my own mind? or is it a problem with the mind itself?

So whats gonna be my game plan for 2008? It focused of self improvement, better social life. My change is gonna help others too. Thats what I have planned.

Change is said to be a double edge knife, able to cut both ways. Change can never be welded to anyones' requirement. My parents want me to change, e.g. get a better job, get married (I am not in a hurry, my parents are). I was always afraid of change cause with change you never know what the outcome is. So I am planning from this year to start changing.

At the moment I am Head of IT Hardware in the company that I am working for, i am not still feeling satisfied by my current situation. Well of course humans are never satisfied with what they have. But Now I have been given an opportunity to further expand my career by getting involved with a GIS (Geographical Information System) project. This opportunity was given to me by my boss so I am very grateful to him. In Sri Lanka this is virgin terrain. My boss once advised me, "Think of 10 years ahead of your life, and ask yourself where you want to me and then plan for it know". Wow thats really a great piece of advice. My boss is the soul owner of one of the most successful software company on Sri Lanka, and I am more than glad to be an employee of that company.

So it seem that I am in the process of change. Some of the greatest people of the world are people who have taken risks. To achieve greatness one must come with terms with the fact that everything changes. And keeps changing. Thats nature. But changing and adapting to that change is the best way to ensure self preservation. So change it is then. What about you? whats your plan? Care to let the cat out of the bag.